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Light & Love Ministries

Founders of the Prayer Chaplain Program

Commitment/Code of Conduct

Prayer Chaplains' Commitment

 Prayer Chaplains commit to:

•  A daily spiritual journey, which is based on love, faith, prayer, and gratitude.

•  Demonstrate an active commitment to their church community's Principles and Beliefs in their daily life.

•  Commit to hold a spiritual space of possibility for others and themselves, knowing and trusting that God is in charge.

•  Commit to express the desire and ability to lovingly listen to others.

•  Commit to having and demonstrating a genuine interest in the well being of congregants and other Prayer Chaplains.  

•  Commit to hold all that is shared in strict confidence.

Prayer Chaplains put this commitment into action through service to their church community for a year at a time. 


Prayer Chaplains' Code of Conduct

 Prayer Chaplains agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

•  Agree not to engage in solicitation of any kind with congregants or fellow Prayer Chaplains.

•  Agree not to date or engage in sexual conduct with any congregant on their calling list.

•  Agree not to participate in any activity that is or that appears to be divisive within the ministry or in opposition to the minister and/or leadership.

•  Agree to adhere to any other conduct requirements determined to be appropriate by the ministry leadership.

This Code of Conduct needs to be customized for the ministry in collaboration with ministry leadership.