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Prayer Chaplain


What is a Prayer Chaplain?

A Prayer Chaplain is:

  • Someone who is available to support others on their spiritual journey.
  • Someone who creates and holds sacred space.
  • Someone who lovingly listens and holds what is heard in the strictest of confidence.
  • Someone who prays plays with others.

 A Prayer Chaplain completes 50 hours of annual training and makes the commitment to serve his or her church community for one year.

Being a Prayer Chaplain is transformative soul work as it deepens their spiritual path through prayer and service.  No prior experience in prayer or praying with others is required to serve as a Prayer Chaplain.

What a Prayer Chaplain is Not

 Unlike hospital, hospice, or military chaplains, Prayer Chaplains are not ordained, are not Board Certified by any nationally known organization and are not trained to counsel people.

Prayer Chaplains are not trained to go out and "minister" to the community-at large but are trained as a lay resource to help meet the pastoral care needs within his or her own church community. 

Prayer Chaplains are trained to do three things only:  hold spiritual space, listen, and pray. They serve as an extension of the ministry's team making personal connections with the congregation.