now offering prayer chaplain trainers workshop online

Course Description

The Prayer Chaplain program, founded by Reverend Lei Lanni Burt and Light & Love Ministries is:

  • A unique sacred service program for congregants who desire to take the next step in their spiritual development.

  • A way to extend the heart, hands, and feet of the ministry's leadership by supporting congregants with prayer, home and hospital visits, and monthly Wellness Calling.

Our five-week online course (with one virtual in-person Zoom session each week) is designed to teach specific skills and core competencies and provides unique spiritual and professional development for ministers, licensed teachers, and lay leaders. It gives you everything you need to start a Prayer Chaplain Program in your ministry or train a new leader for your existing program (including a Prayer Chaplain Training Manual and Trainers' Guide mailed to you at your completion of the course). 

If you participated in a workshop prior to 2005, you received the previous material. The program has evolved considerably since its creation. Attending this workshop provides you with the new material and the license to train it in your ministry.

Upcoming Course Schedule

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course design and modules


Overall Course Design

The NEW ONLINE Prayer Chaplain Trainers' Course is a 5-week course with a virtual face-to-face session every Saturday during the five weeks. The weekly modules will contain required and supplemental readings as well as videos, discussion questions,  and assignments to be completed each week. On Saturday, we will gather as a class using Zoom for a session facilitated by Light & Love Trainers to cover specific material, answer questions and discuss powerful learning.

Module 1 - Prayer Chaplain Foundation (Introduction & Sacred Circle)

You will be introduced to the Prayer Chaplain Program, the role of a PC, and what it means to hold spiritual space. The week culminates in participating  in a Sacred Circle during our virtual Zoom session.

Module 2 - Prayer Chaplain Foundation (Listening, Confidentiality, and Warning Signals)

You will explore the importance of listening to the role of a Prayer Chaplain and types of listening we most often experience as you practice your goal of being an empathic listener. Additional content includes understanding the absolute boundaries of confidentiality and the only exception which is "need to know."  And you will learn how to support your Prayer Chaplains through the creation of a Procedure Plan and Resource List.

Module 3 - Prayer Chaplain Foundation (Prayer)

This module will deeply anchor you in your understanding and practice of prayer as you explore dimensions of prayer, your concept of God, and how your prayer practice evolves as you evolve.  Your guide will be a Prayer Exploration Workbook designed specifically for this course.

Module 4 - Prayer Chaplain Foundation (Human Conditions & Change and Grief)

Exploring the human condition in addition to the nature of  change and grief will assist you personally and in your role as a Prayer Chaplain and Prayer Chaplain Trainer. Learning about desensitization and understanding how grief effects everyone, you will deepen your level of trust and faith while your compassion for others grows.

Module 5 - Prayer Chaplain Experience and Prayer Chaplain Support

Wellness Calling, Visitations, Ongoing Training, Commitment, and Passages are all components of the Prayer Chaplain experience and you will learn about each one and how to train your Prayer Chaplains in all areas of their service. With your support and encouragement, your Prayer Chaplains will be ready to be of sacred service to those in your spiritual community.