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Prayer Chaplain Program Leadership

Qualified Leadership - PC Trainer

 A successful Prayer Chaplain Program is one that is led by a trainer and/or coordinator who is trained by Light and Love Ministries with the Prayer Chaplain Program Trainer's Guide and the Prayer Chaplain Program Manual. 

 What is a Prayer Chaplain Program Trainer?

The role of a Prayer Chaplain Trainer is essential to a healthy Prayer Chaplain Program.  The Prayer Chaplain Trainer/Coordinator is responsible for providing overall leadership of the Prayer Chaplains and the Program and:

  • Conducting mandatory Prayer Chaplain training
  • Convening  and leading monthly meetings
  • Coordinating Program administration

Since the material is copyrighted and licensed to each trainer, attending one of our workshops is the only way that a trainer should receive the material.  Attending the Prayer Chaplain Trainers' Workshop insures that the trainer is deeply anchored in the consciousness of the Program in addition to receiving the curriculum and administrative information required to start or lead a Prayer Chaplain Program.

Trainer's Commitment

Leading a Prayer Chaplain Program is a significant commitment and should not be entered into lightly.  It is our recommendation that once a Trainer agrees to assume leadership of a Program, he or she should do so for at least a year - the same commitment we ask of our Prayer Chaplains. 

Trainers will also want to be certain to establish a succession plan so that when and if they step out of leadership, they can facilitate a smooth transition.