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Founders of the Prayer Chaplain Program


The Prayer Chaplain program

The Prayer Chaplain Program (PCP)...

is a unique sacred service program for your congregants who desire to take the next step in their spiritual development.

Having a PCP in your ministry extends the heart, hands and feet of your ministry leadership by supporting members of your community with:

  • Prayer after Worship Service
  • Wellness Calling
  • Home and Hospital Visits
  • Extended Care 

Qualified Program Leadership

A successful Prayer Chaplain Program is one that is led by a trainer and/or coordinator who is trained by Light and Love Ministries with the Prayer Chaplain Program Trainer's Guide and the Prayer Chaplain Program Manual.  It is important to consider succession planning early so that programs will continue with a qualified trainer without a lapse in leadership.

What is a Prayer Chaplain

  • A Prayer Chaplain acknowledges and calls on the presence of God
  • A Prayer Chaplain lovingly listens
  • A Prayer Chaplain prays from the heart
  • A Prayer Chaplain holds in confidence what is shared

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