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Trainer's Guide

The 2nd Edition Trainer's Guide

 The 2nd Edition of the Prayer Chaplain Trainer's Guide has been written including much of the same great content of the First Edition with the benefit of five years of road testing and feedback from active Prayer Chaplain Programs and trainers. 

We have formatted this Guide to be aligned with how the Prayer Chaplains are trained, and have included information to assist the overall leadership and training development of the Trainer.

Each section is aligned with the sections of the Prayer Chaplain Program Manual (see PC Manual outline) and includes an Introduction, Experience/Exercise, Notes to Trainer, Adaptations for Small Ministries, and Highlights/Self-Care.

New Features

 NEW features of the 2nd Edition Trainer's Guide include the following:

  • Training Tools CD 
  •  Program Enhancements 
  • Enrichment Section
  • Training Tips Module

Trainers who attended a Prayer Chaplain Trainers' Workshop after October of 2005 are eligible to purchase a 2nd Edition Trainer's Guide.  

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